Vehicle Inspection

We take a look under the undercarage

Pomona Body and Paint Post- Inspection

One of the most valuable of all the services we offer is the post-repair inspection. The inspection makes sure that the repairs that needed to be done are properly done and completed.

Sadly, most people don’t know very much about body repair and mostly see the quality of the workmanship on the – the paint job. With collision repairs, it’s whats underneath the shiny finish that matters most – and these are the areas not seen.

Today’s vehicles have a unitized body and frame construction, or “unibody”. The unibody frame rails are what protect the passengers in the event of a collision or accident. The unibody frame rails plays an important role in the setting off of the airbags.

For these reasons, if damaged, it is critical that these structural pieces be properly fixed.

A weak unibody rail can result in delayed setting off of the airbags – or even failure for them to set off at all.

Another concern is welded areas. Structural parts, such as bumper reinforcing beams, door aperture panels, hinge pillars, and quarter panels are welded at the factory. These panels work together with other structural parts (such as the unibody frame rails) to protect the passengers in the event of a collision.

It is very important that when these parts are replaced, the welding must be done correctly – failure to do so can result in separation of these essential parts, risking serious injury.

In some cases these important parts have been found to be “glued” on using a panel bonding adhesive instead of structural welds.

Cheap welds such as these would not hold off the impact of a collision.

The post-repair inspection shows these defects and make a difference.


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